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What colour scheme should I have for my wedding flowers?

What colour scheme should you have for your wedding?

Getting married and need some colour scheme inspiration?

Want something modern that gives BIG visual impact to wow your guests?

I'm here to help, babes. (always, not just today)

Colour theory is one of my passions, occasionally bordering on obsession, so here are some colour ideas that I think are f*ing cool.

Hot pink & Red

If you've ever followed anything I do then you'll know this is my all time favourite colour combination for flowers (and outfits). If I ever see anyone wearing a piece of clothing in hot pink and red I cannot stop myself telling them how much I love it, always great to meet a fellow fan.

Classically thought of as a clash, they actually make each other pop. Just like best friends.

Great for modern and loud couples because nobody should be a wallflower on their big day.

wedding colour scheme


Blue is a funny colour with flowers because even though a small amount of varieties appear blue, it is actually not a colour found in nature. This means there is something visually enticing & alternative about an all blue colour scheme - it's like it's fake but then it's not.

I think you could probably write a PHD thesis about it.

'Naturally' 'blue' flowers - hydrangea, cornflower, gentian, delphiniums.

Also available are blue dyed flowers - the carnations are really good.

Great for fashionistas or couples looking for an alternative but sophisticated look.

I screenshotted an image on insta ages ago of an event someone had done with blue everything almost like the table, cups, plates, forks, flowers - everything had been spray painted the same tone. It looked completely awesome...but having scrolled my phone twice now I cannot for the life of me find it!! Soz.

All white

That's right. I've had a personality transplant and I now like white flowers, WHO IS SHE?

Ok, so I've got a very specific all white in mind. It contains NO foliage.

One more time for people at the back....NO foliage. Foliage makes white look old fashioned. Just got for mass white flower texture - hydrangeas with reflexed roses and anthiriums; you're onto a winner baby.

All white for couples who consider themselves minimalistic or perfect if you've got a really pushy MIL/MOB who thinks you should go 'classic' as you're still staying modern. WIN WIN.

wedding colour scheme
image - seedflora

Peach & lilac

It sounds weird even writing it but it's very 2024 with peach being THE colour of the year. It pairs so easily + tonally with lilac but also just enough jarring for it to look modern.

If you're brave you could add in an accent of orange to make those colours pop.

Gosh who is this for? Maybe someone who is cool and modern but wants something on the quieter side.

wedding colour scheme

Black & White

It's bold, it's loudly anti-tradition and it's a monchromatic dream. If you have your flowers black & white then I'd go the whole hog with the rest of the decor and devoid a 50m wedding perimeter of any colour. Rainbows? No thank you, not today.

If you're the kind of person who wants to make all the great aunties and grandmas gasp and exclaim 'lord above' (this would be my mum) then this colour scheme is for you.

colour scheme wedding
image - Freakhaus by Eden - Queen of flowers in Australia

All yellow

Good God, ask me a few years ago and I would have recoiled at the sight of this, but HOW times have changed.

The colour yellow in flowers is reasonably similar with only variations between bright and pastel, so it makes a great monochrome colour palette.

Also some of THE BEST flowers come in yellow - mimosa (scream), french tulips (bigger scream) and icelandic poppies (i'm dead).

Great for sunny, happy couples who like a modern look.

Mustard & Blue

SO SO popular in the interiors worlds, then why not in flowers? They make each other pop because they're complementary colours on each side of the colour wheel.

For couples who like Wes Anderson.

colour scheme wedding

Hope these colour schemes wet your alternative colour appetite. I've had a real fun time describing them.

If your getting married in Brighton or Sussex and need wedding flowers then get in touch! or fill out an enquiry form online. Check out the wedding section of my website for lots of helpful information on budgets and check out my blogs for my other top tips on pretty much everything wedding flower related in existence.

Hannah xx

All our flowers are handmade in our Brighton Studio. We cover the Sussex area but if you're getting married further afield then get in touch and we will formulate a plan together!

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