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Bowspiration: Unique Wedding Ideas with bows & Inspirations by Hannah

Hello my name is Hannah and i'm addicted to bows.

I've gathered some bowspiration for your wedding. You're welcome.

wedding ideas with bows

Bowspiration: Unique Wedding Ideas with bows & Inspirations by Hannah

Silk Pink Bow Decor: A Birthday Party Must-Have

Please can I have this silk pink bow decor at my birthday party and wear a matching dress and wear the cake on a headband. Then pose for photos with my floating head and cake situation.

wedding ideas with bows

If your candles aren't covered in bows in 2024 then what on earth are you doing?

wedding ideas with bows

Bow-Adorned Suit: Elevate Your Style

I find it hard to even talk about this bow adorned suit because I love it so much I can't breathe. Can someone please invite me to something I can wear one to? - too extra for brunch?

wedding ideas with bows

Monogrammed Velvet Bows: Perfect Wedding Favours

Love these @fionaleahy monogrammed velvet bows as wedding favours. optional - if it was my party I would provide spare hair clips so everyone can wear them :)

wedding ideas with bows

The Ultimate Flower Crown Update: Bow Edition

This is amaranthus and the next time I get some i'll be recreating this bow in my own hair.

The ultimate update on the flower crown.

wedding ideas with bows

Is it possible to get married inside a giant bow?

wedding ideas with bows, I'm here to look after you.

Start building anticipation for your big day by incorporating bows into your wedding invitations. Consider using bow-shaped embellishments, elegant ribbon closures, or even bow-themed graphics to set the tone for a day. This small yet impactful detail will give your guests a glimpse into the style and theme of your wedding.

Flowers - ask me to include bows , please do, it will make my YEAR. And I will do you proud, I do my best work when I am super excited about the theme and I go extra and beyond for all my clients.

Get in Touch for Bow-Filled Wedding Planning in Brighton or Sussex

Getting married in Brighton or Sussex? get in touch!

Hannah x

all images via @pinterest

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