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Great thatched Barn at Falmer Court

Have you been to Falmer? It's BEAUTIFUL! It's the first place we lived when we came to Brighton and feels like you're genuinely on a quiet, lush green planet about 1 hour from London. 

Falmer Court is a magnificent and huge venue. Imagine a huge barn with timber structures and tons of charm. It complements flower arrangements and provides opportunities for a whole host of floral items. 

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at 13.02_edited.jpg


Fancy getting married in a contemporary art gallery in Brighton? YES PLEASE.

Fabrica is a super special venue for a wedding. You won't find anything like it.

The room has a completely grand feeling to it with massive high ceiling, but unlike most rooms like this it is a blank canvas. This means your decor and flowers won't have to fight with the aesthetic and opens up far more possibilities to your colour palette and vibe. There's potential for rigging hanging florals too, which are in my experience one of the best uses of a floral budget. 

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at 13.07_edited.jpg


Patterns is a modern and relaxed venue located on Brighton's marine parade.  with a perfect view of Brighton's beautiful seascape.

Inside it's a perfect blank canvas for some colourful, bold floral arrangements and decor that you can put your personal touches into. Patterns decor makes flowers look awesome. Often flowers need to fight with a strong aesthetic but here it provides a perfect backdrop to make them stand out!

With multiple floors to hire, delicious food and super friendly staff this is 100% one of my top picks for a Brighton Wedding Venue.

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