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Saltdean Lido: Your Premier Wedding Venue in Brighton & Hove

There's a new wedding venue in town and it's the stunning, grade 2 listed, newly restored Saltdean Lido.

Lovingly renovated in it's art deco style, the refurbished Saltdean Lido is going to be a top wedding venue in Brighton & Hove.

wedding saltdean lido

Introducing Saltdean Lido: Your Dream Wedding Venue

Located in the heart of Brighton & Hove, Saltdean Lido emerges as the latest sensation in town. With its stunning Grade 2 listed status and recent restoration, this iconic Art Deco gem promises to elevate your wedding experience to new heights.

Immerse Yourself in Art Deco Elegance

Step into a world of timeless elegance as Saltdean Lido showcases its meticulously restored Art Deco architecture. With its swooping curves and chic lines reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film set, every corner of this venue exudes sophistication and charm. Say "I do" against the backdrop of this architectural masterpiece and let your love story unfold in a setting straight out of a bygone era.

A Beachside Haven for Unforgettable Celebrations

Nestled next to the pristine beaches of Saltdean, this seaside sanctuary offers more than just a picturesque backdrop – it's a gateway to a lifetime of cherished memories. Exchange vows with the gentle lapping of waves as your soundtrack and let the shimmering pool and breathtaking views set the stage for a celebration like no other. Whether you're planning an intimate affair or a grand extravaganza, Saltdean Lido provides the perfect canvas for your wedding dreams to come to life.

Embrace the Community Spirit

Beyond its role as a premier wedding venue, Saltdean Lido is a vibrant hub of community activities and events. From outdoor movie nights under the stars to lively music performances that set the tone for unforgettable evenings, there's always something happening at this seaside oasis. Join in the fun, soak up the retro vibes, and become part of a community that celebrates life's every moment with zest and zeal.

Experience the Magic of Dogtember

As if its charms weren't already abundant, Saltdean Lido surprises with its delightful 'Dogtember' festivities at the end of summer. Bring along your furry friends for a dip in the pool and revel in a day of sunshine, laughter, and wagging tails. It's just another example of the genius behind Saltdean Lido's ability to create joyous experiences for all.

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