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Unusual + Alternative Valentine's Day Gifts

Updated: Feb 2

Need a gift for a non-traditional Valentine?

Do they yawn at the sight of 12 red roses? (I do, constantly).

Look no further babes, you've arrived. I'm here to help.

Valentine's Flower Delivery *UK-wide 2024

Freesia & Fox personalised crystal Anthuriums with bows.

The cool & modern Valentine's flower gift.

Valentine's Flower Delivery | Freesia & Fox Personalised Anthurium​

Freesia & Fox is selling stunning & sculptural red anthuriums, the modern update on the red rose. 

I will lovingly monogram a name of your choice in crystals onto the anthurium flower and adorn in bows & ribbons.

Then package and post it to you or your Valentine. 

Anthuriums are the flower that's the shape of a heart - perfect for the day of love.

A gift guaranteed to be loved by your Valentine!

Blooming Romance: Why Anthuriums Steal the Show as Valentine's Day Flowers!

As Valentine's Day approaches, it's time to put a spotlight on the unsung heroes of romance—flowers! While every bloom has its unique charm, one flower stands out as the perfect symbol of love: the Anthurium. Shaped like a heart, Anthuriums add an extra dash of romance to your bouquet. Let's dive into the fun and floral reasons why Anthuriums are stealing the show this Valentine's Day!

Heartfelt Anthurium Symbolism:

The star of the show is the heart-shaped Anthurium. These exotic blooms carry a symbolism that perfectly mirrors the love you share. The heart-shaped petals are like nature's way of saying, "This one's for love!"

A Visual and Emotional Feast:

Anthuriums are not your average flowers; they're heart-shaped masterpieces! The glossy red spathes and vibrant green leaves create a stunning visual contrast that's sure to catch your eye. It's not just about the looks; it's about the emotional impact of giving your loved one a heart-shaped bouquet.

Classics with a Twist:

While red roses may be the classic go-to for Valentine's Day, Anthuriums bring a unique and unexpected twist. Break away from tradition and surprise your sweetheart with a bouquet that speaks volumes about your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Tailor-Made for Personality:

Anthuriums are like the chameleons of the floral world—adaptable and diverse. Whether your partner is bold and vibrant or prefers a more understated elegance, Anthuriums come in a range of colours to suit every personality. It's like giving them a bouquet as unique as they are!

The Eco-Friendly Love Story:

Going green has never been more romantic! Choose locally sourced and responsibly grown Anthuriums to add an eco-friendly touch to your Valentine's Day celebration. Show your love for both your partner and the planet in one heart-shaped gesture.

This Valentine's Day, let Anthuriums take centre stage in your love story. Their heart-shaped allure adds an extra layer of romance to an already magical day. Whether you're decoding floral meanings, creating a sensory masterpiece, or just embracing the timeless classics, Anthuriums have a way of making hearts flutter. So, go ahead, pick the perfect heart-shaped bouquet, and let your love bloom in all its colourful and uniquely shaped glory!

Hannah x

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