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Wedding & Event Flowers

Terms and Conditions 

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Quotation, Deposits and Payment


•A quotation for the cost of your wedding flowers will be sent to you after the initial consultation.

•Final Quotes are valid for 30 days.

•Freesia & Fox charges a deposit of £50. This books your wedding date with me. 

•This payment will be deducted from the total owing.

•If, for any reason you decide to postpone your wedding I will hold your deposit until your wedding goes ahead.

•We cannot hold dates or provide tentative bookings. To secure your date the deposit must be paid.

•Payment of deposit is an acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions and both parties will be bound by these terms and conditions.

•The remainder of your wedding flower cost is payable 1 month prior to your wedding date.

•Payment is accepted by direct payment via internet banking.

•Freesia & Fox reserves the right to cancel any wedding flowers, if payment is not made by this date. We are not obliged to offer any compensation for inconvenience caused.

•No flowers will be ordered if the final payment has not been made 2 weeks prior to the wedding date and the order will be cancelled.

•Prices quoted will take into consideration a premium for weddings occurring over Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day weekend, Christmas and New Year and any public / bank holiday.

•No reduction in total cost of the flower order can be accepted after your final payment has been received. As we will be unlikely to take a booking of value so close to an event date and may have turned work away due to the original intended workload.





•Any cancellations made after the deposit is paid and before 60 days prior to the event: No deposit refundable.

•Any cancellations made prior to 14 days before the booked event: No deposit refundable and 50% of the final balance will be refunded.

•Any cancellations within 14 days of the booked event: No deposit refundable and full balance required.


 Hired props and vases


•The hire of vases/props is included in the price of the quote and is not charged separately.

•Charges will be made for any items returned cracked, chipped or broken. Replacement of goods is charged at the current purchase price, it is then the responsibility of the hirer to reclaim any of these costs from the venue if the venue was at fault.

•Please advise your guests that all hired items must not be removed from the venue, otherwise you will be charged the full cost of replacement of each item not returned to us. 





•Once your wedding date is booked with me I am available for contact by phone and email at any stage to answer any questions and queries you may have.

•I order your wedding flowers approximately ten to fourteen days before your wedding date, depending on the type of flowers chosen.

•You will not be allowed to make any significant changes after this order has been placed without additional fees.


 Flower Availability


•As fresh flowers and foliage are living products, there are occasions when particular varieties may be unavailable. Whilst every effort is made to source products accordingly, sometimes I am unable to obtain a particular type of flower.

•All fresh flowers and foliage are subject to availability and stringent quality checks; as such Freesia & Fox reserves the right to use a similar flower in place of the previously chosen flower. 

•Flower availability and price can be affected by global pandemics. In this event your flower choice and quote may need to be adjusted. You will be informed if this is the case and a plan to go forward can be discussed. 

•Refunds will not be given for minor changes in flower type or appearance. 


Personal Information


•When you place an order with us or make an online enquiry we gather certain information which you submit, including an address and contact details that we require to action your request. We will not sell, lend or disclose your information to any third party.




•Freesia & Fox reserves the right to take photographs of flowers and the setting prior to the wedding which may be used for promotional purposes after the ceremony has taken place.

•Where possible Freesia & Fox will use professional images of your flowers on social media and business website with full credit given to your photographer.


​​Installations + Large Scale Designs


•It’s the client’s responsibility to advise the venue / events manager regarding the scope

of designs.

•The responsibility remains with the client to seek the required permissions from the

venue to construct any hanging, suspended or other uncommon floral installations.

•We cannot be held responsible or liable for any instances where work cannot be

completed and achieved due to a lack of permission or safety at the venue.


Delivery and Set Up and Pack-Down


•You must provide Freesia & Fox with a time and date of delivery and set up of flowers to your venue(s).

•You must keep flowers where possible out of direct sunlight, sources of heat and accept that they should not be roughly handled prior to the wedding.

•Please take bouquets out of water 20 minutes before you leave for your wedding ceremony, pat the stems and ribbons dry with a towel. 

•Any discrepancies in expectations of the flowers must be communicated to Freesia & Fox within 1 hour of delivery or no further responsibility can be accepted by us.

•Pack-down of wedding flowers will be arranged by Freesia & Fox after the wedding. All containers, structures and equipment will be retrieved, flowers removed and left for you to take home. 


Impact of COVID-19


•Where we cannot safely perform our duties as a direct result of COVID-19, we will advise the client in writing. 

•Should we be required to quarantine in the lead up to your event date, we will advise you in writing and provide you with our plan of action. 

•Should someone from your event contract COVID-19, it’s your responsibility to advise us in writing as soon as possible. 

Force Majeure 

•In the event either party is unable to perform its obligations under the terms of this Agreement because of acts of God, strikes, equipment or transmission failure or damage reasonably beyond its control, or other causes reasonably beyond its control, such party shall not be liable for damages to the other for any damages resulting from such failure to perform or otherwise from such causes. 

•In the instance the force majeure event results in the cancellation or relocation of the wedding within 30 days of the planned date, and the wedding date is unable to be rescheduled or relocated by mutual agreement as per this Agreement (Rescheduled & Relocated Events), you agree that you will be liable for: 

• The initial £50 payment; and 

•An amount equivalent to the cost of any flowers or materials purchased by us to meet our obligations under this Agreement.


Disclaimer- Ill health, Acts of God or adverse weather conditions


•Whilst we agree to use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Freesia & Fox’s service is fully operational and error-free we cannot guarantee this.

•Acts of God, sudden ill health and adverse weather conditions may affect our ability to deliver to your wedding venue.

•However, in cases of adverse weather we will remain in contact with the venue and wedding party in the lead up to the event and, if the event is out of season, we will discuss a contingency plan for delivery.

•We have contingency plans for such occasions of sudden ill health, a carefully selected freelance florist will complete the order or deliver flowers.

•Ultimately, we can accept no responsibility for Acts of God, Terrorism, Crime and events out of our control.

•We reserve the right to supplement and amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without consultation.

•If you book Freesia & Fox, by reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions as listed herewith, by paying a deposit and proceeding with the booking you are entering into a contract and therefore agree to these Terms and Conditions.

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