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How to make your Wedding look modern

Updated: Jan 6

A quick Freesia & Fox guide to making your wedding look modern.

Nobody wants an old-fashioned look. There's a reason for those things called trends.

I get told a lot that couples want a 'time-less' look, but to be honest this doesn't really exist because even something white, minimal & sleek (commonly considered timeless) has a visual time stamp and look of a certain time. So don't give the time-less thing too much of your thinking time.

Really you want your wedding to look modern on the actual day for yourself and the guests. It would be impossible to look back at photos in 20 years time and still think your wedding still looked modern and guests don't look back at photos of other people's wedding decor. They just take photos of people.

So it's 2024 - tell us then Hannah, WTF IS MODERN?

  1. Eschewing tradition.

My first ever use of the word eschewing and after googling how to spell it 6+ times, mate, i'm into it.

It is modern vibes not to worry about traditions. It's 2024, it's your day, do whatever you f*ing want.

Don't want a cake? don't have one.

Don't want a sit down meal? Do a hog roast.

Do want ice cream? Rent an ice cream truck.

Don't want flowers? Ahem.....well hold on now, I might ask you to reconsider :)

Anything goes, I've seen it all;

Black bridal dresses;

Floral suits;

Fancy watches rather than rings;

Wedding tattoos;

Doggies as ring bearers (happens a surprising amount);

and one of my faves - BYOD (Bring your own dessert - people really channel their inner bake off showstopper for this).

How to make your Wedding look modern
How to make your Wedding look modern

2. Abundant flowers. No foliage/minimal foliage/ coloured foliage.

Loads of greenery in your wedding flowers is now a dated look. Up to date and modern are sculptural, mix textured flowers in punchy colour schemes. It's unsurprising, even 5 years ago there just wasn't as much choice of colour for flowers as there is now. So everyone was more reliant on foliage. There's so much choice now and even coloured foliage to add to your colour punch.

3. Monochromatic colour schemes.

Really cool, sleek and sophisticated looking. All one colour scheme flowers. You might then add accents into your other wedding decor or go the whole hog and have matching plates, glasses, napkins, tablecloth, jugs, rugs, chairs.

4. Maximalism.

Think of a great table cloth pattern of a scene of green leaves. Then add it onto EVERYTHING in sight. Check out @fionaleahy for inspiration, the reigning Queen of patterns and table decor. Also @interiorcurve

How to make your Wedding look modern

5. Bows everywhere.

For the fashionistas out there strap up your crocs because I would suggest a gigantic cascading bow for guests to walk under at the entrance to your wedding. Along with - Someone with 3D bows all over their suit and someone with a big chiffon bow veil - Male or female, bows are for everyone. Then bows on every candle, glass, chair and monogrammed bow napkins (scream). Hey, welcome to my dream wedding guys.

NB bows need to be good quality, those 90s chiffon chair bows are not going to cut it. They need to be puffy and expensive looking.

How to make your Wedding look modern

6. Candles

I know i said time-less doesn't exist, but maybe it does just a teeny tiny bit in candles - they always look good but you need lots and lots and they need to not be fussy. @peppercandles are a really modern take, you could get your guests names on them (or.......bows....... ok i'll stop now).

How to make your Wedding look modern

7. No chair covers


They're extreme dated. They scream 90s / early 00s. If your venues chairs are yucky it's not too expensive to rent some lovely plain wood/white chairs and it makes the world of difference to the aesthetic. Well worth the budget spend, one of my top tips.

8. Wedding guest theme.

Hear me out, I don't mean pirates or willy wonka fancy dress. But a subtle theme for guests makes everyone part of a team and the visual work together. So it could be a colour palette or it could be black tie. Personally I've always loved the idea of telling everyone to wear black and turning up in a gold dress but I love a bit of drama.

9. Friend top tables

It's common now to not really have a top table because let's be honest, they are zero fun for everyone sat at them. Most people wanna be mixed up with their guests not next to their parents who you speak to all the time and partner (who you will literally now spend the rest of your life with and can talk to then not now). Aware this is not everyone, but it was definitely me!

How to make your Wedding look modern

10. Peach fuzz

Its the 2024 update on pink as decided by colour gods @pantone. Enough said.

How to make your Wedding look modern
How to make your Wedding look modern

11. Headwear

Why wear one head band when you could wear 10? Fun fact 99.9% of people look good with something on their head - it brings the eye up, same reason why flat hair doesn't look great, we humans need volume!

I'm making floral head sculptures as opposed to floral crowns this year babes.

How to make your Wedding look modern

12. Just an important note that I reckon 2024 is the last year for Disco balls until that look is done and I predict a wedding guest platform crocs explosion for summer 2024. Bring it on.

Want some MODERN, spectacular, big impact flowers for your wedding, then get in touch!

I cover most of the Sussex area and am always ready with recommendations for your budget and suggestions to fit your vibe.

All our flowers are handmade in our Brighton Studio. Sussex.

Hannah xx

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