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Exploring Head Table Flower Options. Wedding flowers Brighton.

Wedding flowers Brighton. Head table flower options.

The Head Table! You're sitting at it so it's the most important table (obviously) therefore it's gotta be a bit special flower wise.

I've flowered hundreds of weddings and seen it all.

In my opinion throwing your budget at the Head Table is always a good idea because guests tend to spend a lot of time looking at it, particularly if it is a forward facing rectangular one; a bit like the royal families sit at in Game of Thrones.

Plus, who doesn't want to sit and eat their meal surrounded by beautiful flowers on their wedding day?

So, with these things in mind, here are my top options for decorating your Head Table at your wedding.

1. Long & low front facing

It's a classic and by far the most popular option. Flowers along the front of the table. Can be along the whole front or just the centre. It's called 'low' arrangement however it can go up to 30cm without obscuring the view so we can still get that dramatic height difference that makes everything look modern. I also love these with drapey amaranthus falling down the front of the table.

You can re-purpose these arrangements super easily. They can line the aisle of the ceremony or create a backdrop, then be moved onto the head table afterwards. Which is a great use of budget.

head table flower options

2. Bud Vases.

If you're working with a smaller budget these are a way to bring in a touch of delicate florals and colour to the head table in a budget friendly way. Think different size budvases all the way along the front of the table and flowers at varying heights.

head table flower options
image via @pinterest

3. Head Table Backdrop

Can you hang florals from above your head table? if the answer is YES, it's a seriously great option for an amazing focal feature that will get a lot of 'viewing' time. Guests tend to spend a lot of time at their table and looking at the head table, so this is a great option to make a wow factor they will remember.

Add flowers to the table also and it gives the impression of fullness and abundance of flowers and is great for photos.

head table flower options
image via pinterest

4. Full Tablescape. Full sheh-bang.

More is more, a fact of life.

I highly recommend throwing your budget at the head table if you're after a dream floral-scape. Imagine celebrating your special day, framed like Beyonce in a fantastical floral photoshoot. B-E-A-Utiful.

The floral possibilities are endless and can be designed unique & bespoke to your space and taste.

head table flower options

image - @wedluxe

head table flower options

Image - @bohemianblooms

Getting married in Brighton / Sussex? Let's chat flower. Get in touch via the enquiry form online.

Hannah x

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