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Let's talk white wedding flowers

It started with the Royals and spread like an epidemic (but a nice one). It is one of the most requested colour palettes I get asked for, 'white and green' is a firm British favourite.

But tread carefully!! Because 'white and green' seems like it could be timeless but actually you run this risk of it looking very outdated.

You need to keep it sculptural - stay away from 'wild or flowy'. Let's keep it modern guys -

Here's my tops tips to keep the white flower aesthetic looking modern.

  1. White doesn't have the variety of shades that other monochromatic palettes would have making it an extra challenge to create the visual.

So to overcome this, we work with textures. You need the put white flowers with opposing textures next to each other and use varieties of heights - think anthuriums, hydrangeas and roses.

2. There aren't many white flowers. The range of choice is not huge so I like to stick to the tried and tested varieties that go together really well. We need fluffy mixed with drippy flowers and accented with strong reflexed roses.

3. Less foliage for 'green'. It looks dated. Instead include green flowers to keep it looking fresh and modern. Green flowers could be amaranthus fort he drippy effect or anthuriums for a modern sculptural look. Or even some seed pods for something fresh and different.

4. They bruise easily. Once again for the people at the back - white flowers bruise easily! Way more easily than other flower colours because you can see it more. There are lots of tricks florists can use for this but it's really worth keeping in mind as a factor.

5. White on white wedding dress is an ultra modern look. Roses, gyp and trailing orchids work beautifully, sculpturally and look f*ing cool.

Another favourite is an en masse bouquet, where you use all one type of flower, so imagine a whole bouquet of white sweetpeas. more is more.

If your getting married in Brighton/ Sussex and want to start talking wedding flowers then fill out an enquiry form online. I'd love to make your floral dreams come true!

Hannah x

Here's a picture round up of some amazing florists and their takes on all white flowers -

white flowers Brighton
flowers by blomme

white flowers brighton
image via the tweedles

white flowers brighton
image via hermetica

white flowers marymary florals
image marymary florals

white flowers honeybunchldn
image honeybunchldn

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