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5 Tips to decorate a Wedding in Brighton - Sperry Tents

Are you getting married in a Sperry Tent in Brighton & Hove. Do you need Wedding Flowers Brighton?

The Sperry - The biggest and most dramatic of all the tents and a perfect, white, blank canvas for your wedding decor! There’s no denying a sperry tent is a breathtaking wedding setting. I’ve flowered a fair few sperry tents in my time and there are literally endless possibilities for floral decor, but here are my top 5 wedding flower ideas.

1. Double hanging installation - The three main poles of the tent provide 2 black spaces in the air to hang florals in. In my experience you want to stay away from too much foliage and go for a more sculptural coloured shape. Lots of foliage blends into itself, especially when hung up high and also swallows up the flowers. Also contrary to popular thinking foliage is not cheaper than flowers. A more sculptural textural hanging cloud in flowers and coloured foliage will have much more impact. Think artistic florals rather than looking like you dragged a garden up there.

The great thing about a hanging floral is that it takes all of the attention of the room so you don’t need too much elsewhere in the tent. You want to keep it as the focal piece and not detract too much from it. Hints of colour and flowers around the room to pick up the vibe of the cloud will do.

2. Clouds around poles - A direct alternative to hanging inbetween the three main poles you could have individual floral clouds installed around the three poles. You can get away with these being smaller than florals hanging inbetween the poles. Great choices for these would be big fluffy pampas, dyed asparagus fern and gyp which all provide nice fluffy textures in an array of colour.

3. Entrance - The lead up to a sperry tent screams out for florals! You could line the entrance with floor standing floral arrangements or potted grasses and plants. I also love a big statement pedestal arrangement at the entrance, something big and bold that sets the tone and colour of the wedding as your guests approach. Florals around a entrance sign might also be a good introduction to your style for the day.

4. The Bar - A lovely touch is to decorate the bar with a floral arrangement. You could have one on the left side of the bar top and one on the floor on the right side, framing the place where lots of guests spend lots of time. They could be arrangements re-used from your ceremony and moved to the bar during the day.

5. Flowers spilling off tables - Extremely dramatic and right up my street. If you’re having long rectangular tables consider having flowers along the centre that spill out over the edge of the table and drape down dramatically onto the floor as your showstopper. Choose the tables end(s) that will be most visible as your guests enter the tent and stay away from the edges next to the dancefloor. This effect can be easily achieved with clever flower choice, chicken wire & moss, no need for nasty floral foam. It’s up to you how far you want them to spill onto the floor and how dramatic you want to be!

You might want your ceremony at a different location to your reception or if you want to chance the weather, an outdoor ceremony next to your tent. I will write a separate blog post on outdoor wedding ideas so feel free to read and steal some ideas.

If you do choose a separate ceremony venue remember to ask your florist about florals that can be moved to the reception and re-used; things like pedestals, floral pillars and floor based aisle flowers. It's the absolute best way to spend your budget and get the most out of your wedding flowers.

If you’re having your wedding in Brighton & Hove email me or fill our an enquiry form and we can start chatting about your wedding flower ideas. I reply to all enquiries in 24hours and can easily get you a quick quote. Then we can go from there.

Hannah x

All of our wedding flowers Brighton are hand-made in our studio in Brighton & Hove.

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