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F*ing Cool Valentine's Flowers 2024 - Freesia & Fox personalised anthuriums. Mainland UK delivery.

Updated: Jan 14

Valentine's Flower Delivery UK 2024, for your f*ing cool Valentine.

Looking for Valentine's flowers in 2024? Do you have a creative & cool Valentine? We've got the easy solution. Order online and we deliver.

Valentines flower delivery UK
Freesia & Fox Personalised Anthurium

It's 2024 lovely people. Red roses are OUT and anthuriums are IN.

So if you want to get your Valentine something

  • On trend

  • Cool

  • Modern

  • Personalised

then look no further! I'm here to fulfil your Valentine's dreams.

Freesia & Fox will be selling stunning & sculptural red anthuriums, personalised just for your lucky Valentine. I will lovingly monogram their name onto the anthurium in crystals and adorned with bows and ribbons. Then deliver it straight to their door via our lovely friends at the Royal Mail tracked 24.

Valentines flower delivery UK
Valentine's anthurium monogrammed with crystals and adorned with bows

If it's good enough for the Haute Couture runway then it's certainly good enough for your special person.

Valentines flower delivery UK

A completely modern update on the red rose and loved by the fashion community, the anthurium is the flower of the moment. Plus they last for up to 2 weeks with the correct care and attention. Bonus!

You can ask for your Valentine's name / nickname / pet name to be bejewelled onto the anthurium - please note the character limit of 7 characters - there is simply no more space on a flower :)

Naughty words encouraged.

I'll also be decorating your anthurium in BOWS, fashion's other current darling.

Are you excited? Because I AM!!

Valentines flower delivery UK

Loewe S/S 23 catwalk was an ode to the anthurium and brought it's beauty to the forefront of the world's fashionistas.

So if your Valentine loves fashion they will appreciate this token of love. Plus sometimes the head of the flower looks like a heart, SO cute, so perfect for Valentine's Day.

Valentines flower delivery UK

Valentines flower delivery UK

So let's get ordering babes.

Valentine's Flower Delivery is *Mainland UK wide via Royal Mail tracked 24.

You need to order in advance.

Your beautiful anthurium will be lovingly boxed up + mailed to you to arrive on either February 13th or February 14th, you can choose your delivery day at checkout.

FYI Your flower/s will be fine in the post - they last 2+weeks and will be packaged in a tube of water :)

*Mainland UK only, no delivery include Northern Ireland, Scottish Islands, Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man.

Valentines flower delivery UK

Anthuriums: Adding a Splash of Cool to Your Valentine's Day

NB Aware that when you use the word cool, you automatically sound uncool but i just can't think of a word to replace it that means exactly the same thing. I guess really the phrase is f*ing cool but it's my NY resolution to stop swearing in blogs.

DM me with suggestions plz :)

Love is in the air, and so is the excitement of finding that perfect Valentine's Day gift! Not everyone is a traditionalist like the classic chocolates and roses, why not go extra spicy this year?

Enter the Anthurium – the funky, heart-shaped flower that's here to bring a burst of colour and cheer to your romantic celebration. Let's dive into the delightful reasons why an Anthurium is the ultimate way to spread joy and love this Valentine's Day.

  • Funky Freshness: Because Regular Flowers Are So Last Season

Anthuriums aren't your average blooms. With their heart-shaped spathes and glossy green leaves, they add a touch of whimsy to any room. Break away from the traditional and surprise your Valentine with the vibrant hues of an Anthurium – it's like a party in a pot!

  • Heart-to-Heart Symbolism: Love, Laughter, and a Dash of Quirkiness

Sure, roses have their charm, but nothing says "I adore you" quite like a heart-shaped Anthurium. The symbolism is spot on – love, passion, and a splash of sparkle, hand-monogrammed by my own fair hands! It's like giving your Valentine a big, botanical hug.

  • No Wilting, Just Thriving: A Love That Stays Fresh

Let's face it, a bouquet that wilts in a couple of days is a bit of a downer. Anthuriums, on the other hand, are the gift that keeps on giving. With proper care, these tropical wonders can keep the romance alive for weeks (I once actually had one last over a month). A love that thrives? Now, that's the spirit!

  • Easy-Breezy Care: Because Not Everyone Is a Plant Whisperer

Worried about maintaining a high-maintenance floral arrangement? Fret not! Anthuriums are as easy-going as it gets. Even if you've never kept a plant alive, you'll find these little guys to be the low-maintenance companions your Valentine will adore.

N.B. Anthuriums are my spirit animal, they are tropical so they don't like it being too cold, plus they hate wind, just like me.

  • Eco-Friendly Flair: Green Hearts for a Greener Planet

In a world that's all about sustainability, Anthuriums are the eco-friendly choice. Not only do they brighten up your space, but they also help purify the air. Show your love for the planet while showing your love to your special someone – it's a win-win!

This Valentine's Day, let the love bloom with a touch of whimsy and a splash of colour and sparkle. Choose Freesia & Fox monogrammed Anthuriums for a gift that's as unique and as lively as your relationship.

Break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary – because babes, love should always come with a side of sparkle and a pop of vibrant colour!

Valentine's Flower Delivery UK. Ordering via the website only.

Any questions to

Hannah xx

Valentines flower delivery UK

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