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Silk Flower Bouquet | UK Flower Delivery coming soon

Have you heard the news? silk flowers are IN and I don't mean the ones your Granny used to have gathering dust by the window, no no my friend! Silk flowers have come on a long way since then.

I've been a busy bee working behind the scenes, sourcing the absolute crem de la crem of silk flowers. Every time a box opens I literally scream with excitement at the complete awesomeness of my hand-picked silk flower babies. They're in the most awesomw bright and pastel colour schemes and I will soon be launching my silk flower bouquet delivery service UK wide.

There's lots of homeware companies currently selling greens, whites and beige type silk flowers and foliage for a neutral beige influencer home but not everyone has one of those. I'm the kind of person who likes modern colour, and feel like other people do too. SO i'm here for it and here to make your colourful dream life happen.

What will Freesia & Fox signature silk bouquets be like?

Colourful - Fun - Forever

I'll be using the same varieties of flower I use in alive flower life to create bouquets in my Freesia & Fox signature style - sculptural, bold & colourful. They will be posted to you already arranged & tied for you to plonk into a vase and bring joy to your house or a loved one.

They will be available in 4 sizes - mini, small, medium & large and beautifully presented in paper and ribbons, the same as a fresh bouquet (minus the water obv). Pricing at £55, £95, £125 & £165 respectively, plus postage.

I will be posting my flower baby creations out in custom size boxes and fixing them inside the box so that they are nice and safe during their lovely journey with HRH Royal mail. So that they arrive at your front door in tip top condition, ready for plonking.

Why are silk flowers more expensive than fresh flowers?

Silk flowers are much more expensive than fresh flowers for me to buy, so the bouquet prices are therefore higher. But, on the flip side, they will last forever so you can think of them as an investment in a piece that brings joy to your home or a really cool present for someone who gets upset when their flowers die.

Also i just cannot stress enough how much silk flowers have come along over the years, in photos actual florists sometimes can't tell the difference.

What vase would they look best in?

Vases and containers are SO important when it comes to how your flowers look. Half the battle is just picking the correct height, size and shape of vase!

You always want your vase to be smaller than the 'splay' (width) of your flower arrangement and a good rule for height is the vase should make up 1/3rd of the height and the flowers should be 2/3rds.

Also look out for the mouth of the vase - on a big vase you want this to be smaller to give the flowers some stability.

If your vase is light and becomes top heavy when you add the flowers and wants to fall over, you might need to put some sort of weight into it - this could be some rocks or fill the base up with sand.

If your vase is really tall, or the mouth of your vase is very wide then I do recommend filling the bottom of it with sand or balled up chicken wire so that your flower stems don't fall to the base of it. Flowers look better when they are higher up and not squashed together.

Some vases break the rules and I personally think large bouquets can look really great in a long, slim vase.

Bonus - because your flowers are silk they don't need water so there's no worrying about all the stems reaching the water in your vase, which means they can be at top heights.

I'm working with a lovely ceramicist to hopefully make some perfectly dimension-ed vases and eventually offer them on our web shop alongside silk bouquets.

How do I look after silk flowers?

Some light dusting will help keep them clean in the day to day. You can wipe them with a damp cloth to help keep them in tip top condition. Also, don't leave them in strong direct sunlight as this causes colours to bleach and not near anywhere damp in case of mould.

*Maybe keep them away from open ground floor windows because they will be so beautiful someone might steal them and run off with your bundle of flower joy.

Take a look for more information on the website and product descriptions. I've even written a whole load of FAQs on the silk flowers page. Awesome photos incoming, watch this space.

All of our forever silk flower bouquets are designed and made by me, Hannah. Then beautifully packaged and posted to you or your loved one, again by me. (I might send my husband to the Brighton post office occasionally but he's very trustworthy).

Handmade in my Freesia & Fox studio in Brighton.

Just before I go - I'm still flowering awesome weddings in Brighton and West Sussex, my silk flower bouquets are alongside those! If you're getting married fill out an enquiry form online and let's chat flowers.

Hannah x


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