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Wedding Trend Alert Brighton 2024

Hold onto your wedding planning book, this is your yearly Freesia & Fox wedding trend alert for 2024.

Brighton Wedding Trends 2024.

I've dissected the data and identified the big trends emerging (or staying put) for next year and as always, they're pretty exciting.

Lot's of people say they want to go with 'timeless' rather than trends but i think that can be short sighted - everything is a trend - even timeless is a trend and if you look back on weddings from years ago you can tell when they were even if nothing was 'trendy'. Everyone chose white and green as a 'timeless' option just after Will and Kate got married - so it's not actually timeless!

So I think what you really want to go with is what you like at the time - whether that be a trend or not a trend. The great thing about trends is they give you more ideas and they highlight the aesthetic of the time.

If you do go with a trend or a few trends then one thing is true...your wedding WILL look MODERN. Which is the main request I get from couples.

  1. Bows

Third year running and not going anywhere.

Bows on candles, bows on flowers, bows on shoes, bows on suits, massive bows above your head. The options are endless and they really give that high fashion vibe to the aesthetic.

It's no secret that I love the bows trend and shall be attending my brother's wedding next year covered head to toe in them.

2. Monochromatic

Just one colour but all the shades. It's SO aesthetically awesome and has that wow factor.

For me it would be pink OBVIOUSLY and I would ask all my guests to dress in baby pink and then hot pink the flowers & tableware. Then scream all day because I was living in Barbieland. Groom wiuld be in THEEE tye-dye Kenough hoodie themed suit.

3. Maximalism

Take a look at the Queen of table design @fionaleahy for some inspiration here but the idea is you match the napkin pattern to the table cloth pattern, to the chair pattern, to the get the gist.

No shy and retiring aesthetics here, it's all big, bold and loud.

Also look at designer Siobhan Murphy @interiorcurve I saw her on Interior Design Masters and have followed (been obsessed by) her ever since. She would be the best wedding planner ever!

side note - I struggle to grasp why more people don't use Wes Anderson as the inspiration for their wedding day - (most probably budget). but his films can be such a great starting point for colour references.

4. Content creators

I've seen this emerging in my most recent weddings.

They are not the photographer, not the videographer..... but the content creator who works alongside them. They create all the content on a phone and give it to you share on your socials. I was unsure about how necessary this was at first as it's basically a new thing, but I do actually think it's a really great addition to capturing the day to look back on in a modern way. Check out @han_picked_memories to see more.

Also they are just 10000000000x better than me at content creation so well worth it!

Well that's all from me for now. I look forward to flowering your dream maximalist, monchromatic, bow-themed wedding in 2024, until then my fashionable friend....

Hannah x

Brighton wedding trends

brighton wedding trends

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