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Wedding flowers Brighton. Exploring Table Options.

Wedding flowers Brighton.

There are infinite options for your wedding table flowers! So instead of going down a Pinterest rabbit hole here's a useful summary of the best ones.

I've flowered literally hundreds of weddings and I've seen it all, but these are the options that I think elevate the space and give the most aesthetic punch.

Bud Vases - These work for circular and rectangular tables. I would say they look more effective on rectangular tables.

Can be budget friendly if spaced out and interspersed with candles.

Wedding flowers Brighton

Mini Flower Clouds - Honestly, I cannot explain how much more aesthetically effective these are than traditional arrangements. The flowers cover from table upwards so, for want of a prettier phrase, they are like blobs of flowers cascading onto the table. They're an easy way to make your flowers modern and really f*ing cool.

They can be made in any size or shape so good for circular and rectangular tables. They could also line the sides of your aisle at the ceremony and then be re-used on the tables.

Am I getting across how great I think this option is? One more time for the couples at the back - Mini. Flower. Clouds!

NB - My ultimate selection for long rectangular tables would be mini flower clouds interspersed with bud vases. That's peak wedding flower item choice right there.

Wedding flowers Brighton

Wedding flowers Brighton

Flower arrangements on plinths - A contentious one as the plinth legs can obstruct some view BUT, I do think this is a great option when you use it mixed with some table standing arrangements.

The plinths mean you can have some really drapey flowers cascading down to the table (awesome, dramatic) and it means aesthetically you've got the height to draw the eye upwards. Which in design-land is a big yes.

Wedding flowers Brighton

Full Tablescape - For rectangular tables. These are unbroken chains of rectangular flower arrangements that go down the centre of long rectangular tables. The average wedding has around 40 metres of table to cover so this option is for the bigger budget weddings but it is a complete focal feature and really all you need in your reception.

Wedding flowers Brighton

Flowers cascading off tables - You need a huge budget for this one but it is such. a. vibe.

Super dramatic focal feature and I guarantee your guests will have basically never seen it done before. (unless they work in the wedding industry...then that's just cheating).

You need it at the end of a rectangular table and ideally in a very viewable area.

Wedding flowers Brighton

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