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Elevate Birthdays with Everlasting Fun: Silk Flower Bouquets by Freesia & Fox

Is your birthday buddy the life of the party, a lover of rainbows, and all things bright and cheerful? Who isn't, right?

Forget the same-old gifts this year and give them something truly special – a Silk Forever bouquet from Freesia & Fox. These blooms won't just brighten their day; they'll stick around for the long haul!

Valentine's silk flowers

Who says birthday gifts have to be boring or wilt away in a matter of days? Not us! Dive into a world of perpetual joy with our signature bold silk bouquets, lovingly handcrafted and delivered straight to your door.

We've scoured the Earth to find the best silk flowers for our collection. Seriously, these flowers are so lifelike, even florists do a double-take! Plus, they let us bring out-of-season blooms to the party all year round.

Guaranteed to bring a smile to any face and inject a dose of happiness into any room, our bouquets come in four sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. Choose from pastels or brights – whatever floats your birthday buddy's boat.

Each bouquet is wrapped up like a present, ready to be proudly displayed.

Handmade with love in our Brighton studio, these bouquets aren't just for birthdays – they're perfect for spreading love on Valentine's Day too!

Ordering is a piece of cake. Just hop onto our website, and voila! Your bouquet will be on its way faster than you can say "surprise!" Got something specific in mind? Shoot us an email at

Not sure what to expect? No worries! Pick your color scheme and size, and let us work our magic. We're all about bold, sculptural designs that'll knock your socks off.

As for maintenance, a light dusting or a quick wipe with a damp cloth will keep your blooms looking fresh as a daisy – or silk flower, in this case!

Wondering about vases? We've got you covered.

Your bouquet arrives ready to rock, but we recommend a vase that's not too wide to keep those beauties standing tall. Medium and large bouquets look especially fab in tall, slim vases, but feel free to get creative!

For more flower power, check us out on Instagram, and if you've got questions, our FAQs are just a click away.

Make birthdays (and every day) a celebration with Freesia & Fox's everlasting blooms. Because who needs ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

Sending smiles your way, Hannah x

How do I order?

Ordering is online via our website and delivery is via Royal mail.

Can I get something bespoke?

Email with any special requests.

What will the bouquet look like?

Choose from a bright or pastel colour scheme and then choose your size - mini, small, medium or large. Then sit back and leave the designing to us! All flowers are chosen and bouquets created in our signature bold & sculptural style.

Please take a look at our instagram to get an idea of our style.

How do you look after silk flowers?

Some light dusting will keep your flowers looking tip top from day to day. They can also be cleaned lightly with a soft damp cloth.

Got a question? check our the FAQs on our silk flowers page.

Hannah x

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