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5 top tips for an Outdoor Wedding Brighton

Wedding Flowers Brighton.

Having your wedding outside in Brighton? Congratulations on your bravery! Counting on Mother Nature to shine down on your Wedding Ceremony is not for the faint-hearted but if it works in your favour will be just magical.

First things first, make sure you have a back up option (i’m sure you do).

Here are my 5 Top tips for an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

1. Floral Pillars.

The perfect way to frame your ceremony, standing behind you as you say ‘I do’. They can be full & abundant with cascading flowers or more subtle and sculptural to suit your vibe. I have gold cuboid structures I can make these on or singular poles. They just look great for an outdoor ceremony, working together with your natural setting to show to colour and vibe of the day.

abundant! image via @weddingstylemaguk

2. Wind - Let’s just consider Brighton’s coastal winds for a moment. All your florals will need to be weighted down with sandbags or pegs and even then there’s a chance for disaster. That’s why I would recommend a stable structure like floral pillars to frame your ceremony. More sturdy than an arch, and more contemporary.

3. Non-weather friendly florals - Pampas grass! It sheds like crazy in the wind and will make the floor look like it has dandruff (or worse your guests).

Aisle petals can just fly away or wilt very quickly in the sun, not to mention 100 people will step on them before the Bride arrives.

Very delicate flowers like anemones, poppies, scabious are likely to be destroyed by wind or very hot sunshine. Ask your florist to choose robust, hardy flowers (there are loads).

4. Greenery/ Foliage - If you’re getting married surrounded by greenery please don’t waste your money on big arrangements / pillars / arches with lots of greenery as it completely blends into the background and swallows up the flowers. Much more effective to go bold & flower abundant and really show off your colour scheme.

image via @theflowergirlperth

5. Aisle flowers - As you’re on soft ground already flowers can literally line your aisle! They can be poked into the ground to create a visual spectacle. I absolutely love this idea, it’s artistic and beautiful and if you want me to create this for your wedding I’ll be your BFF forever.

image @sirenfloralco

As always, I’m here to help!

If you want ideas for an outdoor wedding I’ve got loads and I’m always happy to chat and provide a quick quote for you. Just email or fill out an enquiry form on the website.

Wedding flowers Brighton. All our wedding flowers are handmade in our studio in Brighton & Hove.

Hannah x


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