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How to get the most out of your Wedding Flower Budget

Using your wedding flower budget effectively can help you create a beautiful and memorable wedding day. Everyone wants to feel like they have got the best for their budget and not wasted money on small details that no one notices.

Here are some tips on how to use your wedding flower budget:

  1. Prioritise: Prioritise what is most important to you. Is it that you want some big focal feature floral pillars to frame your ceremony? Or a hanging floral spectacle above your Bridal table? Start with this as a definite yes, and work down from there.

  2. Work with a florist: Work with a professional florist who can help you create a beautiful and cohesive look for your wedding. They can offer advice on what flowers will work best for your budget and can help you make the most of your budget. That's literally their job.

  3. Use seasonal flowers: Using seasonal flowers is really the only way to do wedding flowers. Out-of season flowers can be 5x the price and flowers that are in season are always at their most happy, so bigger and better. Plus it's better for the planet to use seasonality to our advantage. If you want to know what flowers are in season when just use our guide, linked at the bottom of the web page.

  4. Repurpose flowers: Choosing items that can be repurposed is the absolute best way to spend your budget. Doubling up on your flower item's use can help you save you money and reduce waste.


Reuse your ceremony aisle flowers as centrepieces for the reception.

Move your floral pillars from the ceremony backdrop to decorate the entrance to your reception.

Have vases ready at the reception for your bouquets to decorate cake tables.

Reuse your pedestal arrangements to decorate the reception bar.

I offer a service where I move your flower items for you! The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is lugging a 5ft flower pillar into a van!

5. Be flexible: Be flexible with your flower choices and be open to alternatives. I talk about this loads with my clients, the way to use your budget effectively is by trusting your florist to pick the best blooms for your day. Being super selective is expensive and limiting to your florist's creativity. It's their job and they are completely au fait with navigating the daily availability changes in the world of flower buying.

By following these tips, you can use your wedding flower budget effectively and create a beautiful and memorable wedding day.

If you need help with your budget or want to find out what your budget can get you look on our website for lots of helpful information, or get in touch. Email or fill out an enquiry form on the website.

Hannah x

All our flowers are hand-made in our Brighton studio. Wedding flowers Brighton & Hove.

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