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How much does a Bridal Bouquet cost?

Unless you are a professional florist, there is just about zero chance you should know off the top of your head how much a Bridal Bouquet costs. And why should you? That's a florist's job, not yours!

So you take to google and.......nothing?! I hear you thinking, why is there so little information on the internet about how much wedding flowers cost?

I have no idea why, as a customer, you can't readily find the price of wedding flowers and I'm here to make planning your wedding flowers as easy as possible. So here you go...

£195. A signature Freesia & Fox Bridal bouquet costs £195.

You can also find this information and other pricing on the Wedding flower budget calculator on our website.

My signature bouquets are made in my style; floral heavy, bold & modern, using a mix of premium & seasonal blooms, in your chosen colour palette.

I'm completely allergic to traditional rounded bouquets or any traditional floristry. (or tradition in general - I got married in a pink dress and fluffy shoes) It's 2023 people!

Think a range of textures; beautiful reflexed roses, anthuriums, delicate sweet peas along with other floaty & fluffy outer textures and the absolutely essential bouquet bounce i'm always after.

Your flowers should be a special, spectacular floral sculpture, featuring the best blooms, expertly crafted together.

I use your inspiration images for colour and vibe inspiration rather than copying. You deserve more than a recreation of someone else’s bouquet. You and your partner have a unique story to tell, leave it to me to make one bespoke for you.

You could give two florists the exact same floral ingredients and they would make two different Bridal Bouquets because that's how creation works. I always edge toward a light but bold and sculptural look because it is Freesia & Fox's style. I use the natural flowers' shapes to build up the bouquet, like a piece of art being sculpted. I also use really specific methods that have taken me years to research, practice and perfect, nothing is thrown together. Every flower is purposefully used for it's size, colour and orientation. If you want to see examples of my work just have a scroll of my instagram.

Want to chat wedding flowers? Get in touch via email or fill out an enquiry form on the website.

All our wedding flowers are hand-made in our Brighton Studio. Wedding flowers Brighton & Hove.

Hannah x

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