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A Guide to Pampas Grass

Updated: Feb 27

During wedding season i'm never seen without tiny bits of pampas in my hair and stuck on my clothes. Pampas grass is here to stay as a wedding flower favourite! here’s my pampas tips:

The power of many - One singular piece of pampas grass looks not dissimilar to an old witch’s broom, but…..use loads of it together and taaa daaaa, that’s a decor statement! It’s big and bold but also light and airy, sometimes looking a bit like ostrich feathers. It creates the best large installations, backdrops and big arrangements.

Use it inside - Much like my hair, pampas grass is not a fan of wind and rain. The seeds blow literally everywhere and wet pampas grass looks too sad for words. Unless your day is guaranteed to be sunny and perfectly still (not Guernsey’s speciality) only use pampas indoors.

Cash cash money money - As with everything, super popular and therefore not cheap £££. I use pampas on a rental basis to save on costs for my clients (plus saving the environment in some tiny way).

September baby - Pampas grass is in season in September, you will notice it everywhere. If you want it out of season you will need the smaller, dried version.

Colour - Now available in quite a huge range of super cool colours, personal favourites are aqua blue, hot hot pink and milka purple like the famous chocolate wrapper .

If you’re having your wedding in Brighton & Hove and want to use pampas grass get in touch! I am always happy to chat and quote for any items your desire.

All our wedding flowers are hand-made in our Brighton studio. Wedding flowers Brighton.

Pampas Love

Hannah x

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