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5 Ideas for decorating your Wedding in Brighton & Hove

Wedding Flowers Brighton

Planning a Wedding in Brighton? I have SO MANY flower ideas! So here's just a few of my favourites to get you started...

1. Colour -

Has your Brighton & Hove Wedding venue got a plain background? This provides you with the perfect opportunity to inject a fun colour palette with your flowers. A muted colour palette tends to get lost on a muted backdrop so be brave and your choices will reward you.

How about a Valentino inspired hot pink & lime green, bang on trend for 2023. Pair with a softer blush to compliment a plain background with pops of the more vibrant tones. I’m always happy to help clients who are unsure with colour palettes or feel that they need a push in a more colourful direction (in my experience nobody has ever regretted using more colour in their wedding).

2. Ceiling install -

A skylight or high ceiling provides a perfect focal point to display a hanging floral beauty. Flower clouds give maximum impact, wow factor and you can even add lights into it for an evening time surprise.

My personal choice would be to include dramatic coloured asparagus fern draping all the way down to touching distance and combinations of big headed flowers like reflexed roses, anthuriums & hydrangeas. Once you have a big focal point in the room you don’t need lots of other flowers as these will take away the focus and lessen the impact.

I arrange and install anything hanging on the morning of the wedding and pack-down the morning after so you don’t need to worry about it and can enjoy your day.

3. Colourful floral pillars -

Getting married outside in Brighton & Hove? Framing your ceremony with some floral pillars could be all that you need. I would go for pillars heavy on colour. Too much foliage and muted colour schemes tend to get lost outside and blend into what is already there. If you’re a bit scared of colour you could go for a pastel vibe with pops of something heavier like a cerise.

I always recommend floral pillars over arches as they are more modern but are also easily moved to decorate the entrance to your reception once your ceremony is over.

4. The Bar -

It’s where lots of your guests will spend a lot of time so the bar is a great place for a site specific arrangement. It can lead your guests into the colour and flower choice for the reception.

A strong idea is to decorate the bar with one bigger arrangement rather than decorating the bar tables with flowers spread out thinly. Great flower choices for these are hydrangeas, gyp and asparagus fern as they provide a light and fluffy texture and modern shape.

5. Tables -

So you’ve got a big hanging beauty & you’ve moved your floral pillars into the entrance of the room. That’s two big focal pieces so what should you do for the tables?

Factor in that after all the plates, cutlery, multiple glasses, water bottles & wine are in place, there’s not much room left, even on large tables.

I would recommend here a selection of bud vases or small table flower clouds. Bud vases are a small selection of small vases with one or two stems in them to just pick up the colours of the other flowers and tie everything together. They are a popular, budget friendly approach to guest tables. Small clouds are an arrangement with no visible container, the flowers begin at the table height.

If you’re getting married in Brighton & Hove and need flowers then get in touch via email or our enquiry form. I love chatting flowers and can send you a quick quote within 24 hours.

Hannah x

All of our wedding flowers Brighton are hand-made in our studio in Brighton & Hove.

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